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                      Featured at the NFR Sat. Dec, 4 2004

2004 National Finals 

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Sat December 4, 2004.


In the old days of the wild west, trick riding was a colorful, dare devil event in which contestants competed for first prize.  They did so by performing the most difficult stunts imaginable on the fastest horses they could find.  It was called trick riding due to the fact that most of the stunts looked impossible to perform.  As the years went by fewer people were willing to learn the dying art.  Currently there are less than 100 active trick riders in the United States, and that number could be exaggerated.  No longer do the participants have to compete; they are now hired by rodeos as a special entertainment for crowds.

Windy Ratchford-Lattin happens to be one of the few that had the dedication to make a trick rider.  Being raised in a southern Oklahoma rodeo family, riding a horse came naturally to her.   Windy's parents were both successful in rodeo. Wendel Ratchford was the 1976 IPRA world champion bull rider and Donna Ratchford was a top fifteen barrel racer. Windy is now married to Stacy Lattin, a former IFR bullfighter. The two have a son, Trevor.

Windy started at the early age of three watching some of the best in the business of trick riding.   At thirteen years of age, she began teaching herself how to trick ride  on one of her barrel horses.  With the help of veteran trick riders, by the time she was 19 she was ready to turn professional.  Windy now has twelve stunts available, featuring the Stroud Layout and the most dangerous Tail Drag.  As an added twist, Windy can trick ride in a wild west theme.  This included riding upside down on the horses neck while spinning a rope.  Another stunt is shooting a balloon with a .22 pistol while laying along side of her running horse.

Since 1991, Windy has entertained crowds at hundreds of rodeos across the nation.  She has been a member of the of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association and the International Professional Rodeo Association since 1992.   She was selected to perform for the International Finals Rodeo in 1996, 2002 and 2005.In 2004, she was invited to perform at the National Finals Rodeo.  

Windy credits her team of horses for her ability in the arena.  Blue and Spook, a both Quarter Horse geldings, who have wowed the crowds with their speed and beauty. 

.  Together they offer a variety of themes in the trick riding such as "wild west", "comedy" and traditional.  Opening Pageantry available at no extra charge.

Windy is always willing to help with pre-rodeo publicity and will arrive early if needed. With the combination of talent, speed, and a little sparkle, it is guaranteed that Windy will surely entertain any rodeo crowd.